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Simplifi gathers all legal firms in Malaysia under
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Lawyer now will be closed to clients like never before. Your firm will be visible in local clients’ search. Increase your visibility means more business to closed. This is the only website that provide the best way to manage future, on-going and past clients. Thus, it will improve your way of doing work by simple, structured and efficient system.

Introducing Simplifi

Simplifi transforms law firms by seamlessly transitioning to an electronic file management system, fostering operational efficiency through streamlined workflows and advanced features. The platform ensures clients remain well-informed with automated updates, fostering transparency, trust, and positive relationships.

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Simplest way to manage your files

Files Database

Enable you to search and track data for previous and current files. Easier for files tracking and management.

Case Timelines

Every file and client are unique. Case timeline will enable clients to monitor the progress status without the hassle to frequent calls to lawyers. It’s an effective and create less communication breakdown between parties.

Update Progress Notification

Every progress updated by the lawyer; all related clients will get notification from the system. They can check the status anytime and anywhere the like. No more phone calls to the firm needed.

Improve Communication removes the long-time obstacles faced by parties in real estate transaction which is COMMUNICATON. No more phone calls needed, no more stress, save time and cost by all parties in the transactions. Why worries when you can simplify with


Features that make life better

    Firm Search

Enable clients to find the best lawyers
near them. Your firm's visibility is
increased to nearby client prospects.


The better you serve the clients, the
higher your rating will be. The highest
rating firm will be on top of the search
list. Therefore, ensure you always
provide the best service.


Eliminate the need for manual search
to obtain specific information from
old files. Now, with just one click,
all the information needed is at your
fingertips. Save time and hassle free.

    Files tracking

With, clients just need to
monitor their case through the website.
No follow-up calls needed and they will
receive live progress update through
the system.


Every time there is a new progress
update, the system will send notification
to all stakeholders (purchaser, vendor
and agents). The system will automatically
send notification if no progress updated
within 7 days. This ensures client


This allows lawyers to share information
and insights to everyone. This will increase
the lawyer's credibility in the eyes of future


Numbers don’t lie